From: Philip Johnston []
Sent: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 9:20 AM
To: 'Pavilion Apartments' <>
Cc: 'Lauren Cook' <>; 'Brian Adams' <>; 'Jeff Fry' <>; 'Rufus Clarke' <>
Subject: Thanks for providing to me the site inspection of various plant rooms earlier this morning


Thanks for contacting me this morning as I departed the ground floor lift.

The site inspection that you provided to me a short while ago of the following ‘equipment rooms’ at The Pavilion was highly beneficial in my understanding of operating costs:

      1.    Off the level 5 carpark down ramp:

·         Switch Room

·         Fan Room

·         Plant Pool Room (up the metal ladder).

 2.    On the level 16 roof:

·         Boiler Room

·         Cooling Tower.

Jeff Fry has informed me that fellow Owner, Andy Hodendijk, is keen to become involved with a review of Owner costs.

I believe that the ‘common areas’ are overly lighted  24 x 7.

I want to commence with Andy and me ‘walking all the floors and garage’ after dark to ascertain if the wattage –

·         of the round LED oyster lights in the ‘common areas’; and

·         the long halogen roof lights in the underground carparks,

can be lowered, or some put on time-switches, when these lights ‘break-down’.

Thanks for showing how to remove the white plastic cover of an oyster light where we unsuccessfully attempted to read the very tiny text of the electricity power specs that were too small to read, even with my large magnifying glass.

I will now email Andy to arrange ‘inter alia’ a lighting inspection, whom I have not met so far.

Thanks for informing me that you are about to deal with an Electrician re the roof lighting in the gym/swimming pool that has made some suggestions on how to reduce electrical lighting costs in the ‘common areas’.

Hopefully Andy Hodendijk and I can ‘walk the floors after dark’ shortly, so that Andy and I can be better equipped to meet the Electrician and yourself re scope to reduce our ligting costs in the 'common areas'.

Phil Johnston aka  Bank Teller
0434 715.861