Unit 9

2nd bedroom  -  rain water leaking thru window slide has damaged the window sill and surrounding sheetrock walls

Water in window sill metal tray in 2nd bedroom window

Mould on brickwork outside 2nd bedroom

No mould on brickwork outside of 1st bedroom

Mould above RHS on external wall of 2nd bedroom window

The wall outside the 2nd bedroom has bubbled


Main Bathroom


Living Room


2nd Bathroom


Main Bedroom


Rust on the metal corners of some wall in bedrooms

The identification wall at the front of 1 Citrus Ave is perishing

Causes of the damage to 2nd bedroom surrounding a leaking window

Photos taken on 29-May-21 following initial repairs to 2nd bedroom window area

Ineffective exhaust ventilation in laundry and main bathroom - non compliance with National Construction Building Code 2016 - Vol 2