Natalie's property that was stored at 5 Ronald Ave, Freshwater - now stored at Milsons Point and St Ives
(equivalent to 44 circa large plastic containers of the type in immediately below pics, plus two bicycles.  Some stuff was held in deteriorating cardboard cartons or in wardrobes.  13 more plastic boxes were req'd).

In Basement

Under home
Below are 3 large cardboard cartons (only two visible in below pic) of files that Justice Torbet had delivered to Natalie's home around 2008 when he retired from the Land and Environment Court because Archives didn't want them and neither did he, but Natalie perceived them as a gift.  Some of the Town Planning books and manuals are over 30 years old.
In exasperation after you (Natalie) told me "to put them into storage" when I sell Freshwater, I 'phoned retired Justice Torbet at his
Awaba St, Mosman home around Jan 2016.  I spoke to his wife first as he was 'out'  She said, "I remember Natalie". 
Retired Justice Torbet 'phoned me back about 35 mins later.  We talked for about 12 mins.  He acknowledged that no one else wanted the old books and monthly reports.  He told me words to the effect:

"I doubt that Natalie would ever have a need to refer to them.  Some would be very old.  They couldn't be relied upon.  Town Planning laws can change when interested parties become involved about property opportunities."

Below are the contents of the above three tall cardboard boxes. 

I spread all those 'gifts' out because I wrote to two law library's asking if they wanted them.  I rec'd two auto-acknowledgements from The Law Society of NSW, but never a response to my two request emails.
I then emailed the State Library of NSW which responded expressing interest.  They asked for an inventory of all journals.  I provided the below inventory.  The State Library of NSW they declined. Retiring Justice Torbet, who lives in a big home on Awaba St, Mosman, with a double garage, was as pleased as punch that Natalie viewed these useless old monthly and annual journals as a 'gift'.  Because nobody else did.

Local Gov. & Environment Reports both annually and monthly from 1996 to 2007

Town Planning and Local Government Annual Guide Books from 1956 to 1991 (4 pics below)

Consolidated Indexes for Volumes that date back to 1983 (1st Picture below)


Monthly Local Govt & Environmental Reports of Australia between 1996 and 2007



(in 1st bedroom ground floor)

(in 2nd bedroom first floor)

(in 2nd bedroom first floor)

The two prints

The files on the desk and the boogie board

Two bicycles in bathroom